The Animals In And From My Life


Bunny my first sweetie she is gone and i miss her Bunners

YELLER My big baby. My second baby. I had you the longest in my life. Thru the ups and downs. There were many other cats in the house on several occasions but you were always my baby. I loved you much and always will. You too are gone from my life now and i severly miss you already. You will always be My Big Baby.....I love you Yeller........07/13/03

Jezzabelle I have had you just a short time now and you have already grown on me. You will always be in the shadow of Yeller but you will help me thru these times. It just you and me for now kid...

Thomas A cat that was accually my neighbors but he was cool and so friendly. Thomas also is gone tragically and although i did not know very long i miss him as well... take care of yeller for me tom ...

This little turkey was arround only a short time. I took it in and they never really woked out. I assume he went on extended walkabout........LOL

A friends cat that is as spoiled rotten as they come but he is still my other buddy

The new kid on the block. He adopted me and has adapted to being on the truck much better than i figured he would. I am often told i have him spoiled rotten to which i reply no i just have him spoiled he was already rotten when i got him...




Charlie Bear


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